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Statement of Midnight University

Filed under : POLITICS

“Call for openness and transparency in arresting and detaining innocent people by the military”








Statement of Midnight University

Re: Call for openness and transparency in arresting and detaining innocent people by the military


Following the coup d’état on 22 May 2014, there have been cases of arrest of many individuals by the military. Many of them are still being held in custody.


In Bangkok area, the army has publicly issued lists of individuals who are required to report to the military via the media. Information regarding those individuals and their well-being is not completely impeded.


This is not the case in many other provinces. There has not been any public announcement of names to be arrested. For instance, in Chiang Mai, many individuals have been contacted by phone by persons who claim to be military officers. Others have been told through other people that they are required to report to the army. This It is not entirely clear and open if it this is an operation by the military.


Furthermore, many have been detained without a clear statement if they were the persons wanted by the army. There is no report on their safety, although some of them have been held since 22 May. There is no clear sense of who are being arrested and detained. Such a practice violates human rights, as well as significantly breaches the basic principle of the Criminal Law that protects the rights of the innocent.


The right and freedom in one’s body is a basic right in national and international laws. Any violation of the right and freedom must be scrutinized. The person whose right is being violated must be treated with respect, dignity, and through a just process, especially if such a violation is carried out by the state.


The Midnight University urges the Thai and international societies to pressure the army to publicly and clearly announce the list of names required to report to the army, whether in Bangkok or in other areas. The army must also report the safety and well-being of the persons arrested and detained, so that there is no violation of the right and freedom in the bodies of the innocent.


Midnight University

26 May 2014